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Basic SEO Tips for Bloggers

cakeScreen-shot-2012-06-13-at-18.09.33Social Bubbleskeyword plannerMar Blog

If you are a blogger or you are thinking about becoming one – then the following tips will help you have an optimised blogs and push your blog to the top! Not all bloggers have SEO knowledge (which is understandable, they’re busy blogging!) – but it is important. The following tips will really help your [...]


My Internship at Upstream

When I started my internship at Upstream, I really didn’t imagine that it would give me so much experience in SEO. I’ve learnt about rankings methods, webmaster tools and am continually developing my knowledge of online marketing every single day,


What Upstream Learned This Week…

Upstream Knowledge

A wise man once said: “Knowledge is the life of the mind.” We’re rather keen on knowledge here at Upstream (and as it happens, living) so we set about asking our team a very simple question – “What Did You Learn This Week?” Some members of the team were quick off the mark and scribbled their [...]


Twitters Lead Generation Cards – An Exciting Addition

lead gens

It’s been a busy few months for social. We’ve seen changes in rules from Facebook, an increased focus on Google+ authorship and businesses trying to understand how to Vine (some of which have done really quite well!) Twitter hasn’t been quiet either and has recently revealed that their ‘lead generation cards,’ which were beta-tested in [...]